Feast of the Raven Wins Gold and Silver: A Moment to Howl

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My wolf voice had the opportunity to howl last weekend. Feast of the Raven won gold and silver awards at the 2017 Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards Ceremony. That’s quite a mouthful, and I’m still not sure I believe … Read More

Return of the Wulfhedinn—on His Own Terms

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August 2017: Gerwulf is back! The formidable wolf warrior Gerwulf returns this summer in book two of the dark fantasy Wulfhedinn Series. So where is Gerwulf headed? I thought I knew when I began writing Return of the Wulfhedinn, but … Read More

Jet Lag, a Hearty Stout, and Tears of Joy

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Jet lag is a strange malady. It makes me thirsty—for a craft ale, a dark one with a rich malty flavor and high in alcohol. Wonderful! A bar with a stout on tap is right next to the gate. Drinking … Read More


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