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Book One

A demonic wolf-warrior clashes with a mystical shield maiden in a quest to redeem his soul and forge his own destiny.

In 782 AD, a beast prowls the forests of northern Germany. He is Wulfhedinn, wolf demon—scourge of the Christian Franks. He is also Gerwulf, the man, a wretched outcast and bastard of a Christian woman and pagan father.

Gerwulf emerges from the shadows to escape his demons and seek deliverance. To redeem his mortal soul, he serves the legendary Charlemagne in a savage Holy War against the pagan Saxons.

Gerwulf’s quest pits him against the dark powers of a mysterious Saxon shield maiden and leads to his greatest battle—reclaiming his humanity in a dark age when beasts lurk inside all men.

 …and the Raven, The Eater of Souls, she soars above…hungering to feast on the bloodguilt of all.

Editorial Reviews for Feast of the Raven

“Catherine Spader’s engrossing narrative is a blend of medieval fiction and Germanic myth and folklore. Superbly written and impeccably edited, this page-turner, the first installment of Spader's Wulfhedinn saga, is comparable to bestselling releases by iconic writers such as Sharon Kay Penman, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro … Spader is unquestionably a talented writer: Her writing style is fluid and at times lyrical, her description of northern Germany meticulous and fully immersive, and her knowledge of folklore extensive. But it’s her characters that make this novel so readable. Interesting and emotionally compelling, they are certain to resonate with readers.”

—BlueInk Review (Starred Review)


“Spader writes in an easy, rambling prose that luxuriates in all the medieval details of her world, from the weapons to the textiles to the smells of camps and woods. … The book strikes an appealing balance between historical fiction, sword and sorcery, and a noirish detective story, with quick pacing and just enough worldbuilding to lend weight to the plot. Sequels are planned, and they are welcome: the reader should be eager to see what other secrets Spader’s vast medieval forests might yield.

A compelling start to a historical fantasy series about a troubled warrior seeking redemption.”

Kirkus Reviews