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Book Three

A lone wolf and a splintered pack of heathen warriors must stand together as brothers or be slaughtered like beasts.

Gerwulf, an outcast Wulfhedinn warrior, is possessed by the fury of a wolf demon and a man’s passion for one woman. He longs for a life that will never exist with a lover who is as much elusive phantom as flesh and blood.

Vala is a mortal pledged to the Walkyrie, the Eater of Souls. With her Raven, she prowls battlefields, collecting the souls of fallen warriors. She is sacred to the mighty Wulfhedinn warriors, endowing them with the ferocity of the wolf.

The Wulfhedinn pack is the Saxon’s last defense against King Karl, the legendary Charlemagne, a tyrant bent on subjugating them and destroying their gods. Yet dissention and dishonor among the wolf warriors has robbed them of their powers.

Only Gerwulf can restore the spirit and might of the Wulfhedinn pack and free Vala of her bondage to the Eater of Souls. To do so, he must wage a war that is not his, for honor he never wanted, with warriors he has forsaken.

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