Return of the Wulfhedinn—on His Own Terms

Gerwulf is back!

The formidable wolf warrior Gerwulf returns this summer in book two of the dark fantasy Wulfhedinn Series.

So where is Gerwulf headed?

I thought I knew when I began writing Return of the Wulfhedinn, but Gerwulf is a hard guy to pin down. He’s already proven that he will chew through leather bonds just to defy a captor, and he’s no less defiant with his creator.

Despite this, I quickly plotted Gerwulf’s journey in book two. He confronts swaggering soldiers, swinging swords, lusty wenches, and a King with an unbridled hunger for power. Pyttel the lunatic monk revels in dark forbidden rites, and Vala the pagan witch has set her sights on ensnaring the strapping wolf warrior.

It’s all a fun fantasy romp, until someone gets hurt—and Gerwulf the Wulfhedinn is hurting, badly.

He has survived a near-fatal beating, but the pain of that pales to the suffering of his soul. Mocked, orphaned, and abused, he invokes an ancient wolf demon to vent his anger. In book one, Feast of the Raven, the Church damned him for it. He endured brutal exile in the wilds until he endeared himself to the Christian King Karl.

After retrieving the Holy Spear, a powerful relic, the King granted him an honored position at court and returned him to the Church. Gerwulf’s future seemed set until his capture and imprisonment by Vala. The beguiling witch was the only one who could bend the Wulfhedinn to her will, if only temporarily.

The Raven's shadow follows

Gerwulf made great strides to better his lot in book one, but he still can’t escape the witch’s ghostly Raven, the Eater of Souls in book two. The black scavenger continues to haunt him, feasting on the anger and guilt he carries from his past. At the same time, Gerwulf remains a man of unshakable spirit and uncompromising drive. His tenacity makes it tough for Vala to ensnare him—and for me to finish his story.

Finding his pack

Resolving Gerwulf’s emotional journey is like trying to leave an animal shelter with just one dog. I want to save them all. They look at me with sorrowful eyes, ears lowered, and tails tucked between their legs. They cower and tremble one minute, and could snap and bite the next.

The cast-off and abused want desperately to trust and be loved, to bond with a pack. Yet, they are terrified that trusting another will cause more pain. Some shelter dogs may overcome it. Others never will.

Will Gerwulf? Will the wolf warrior find his pack?

If he does, it will be on his terms, not mine.

A highly engaging read . . .

“. . . a highly engaging read. The fusion of medieval fiction and Germanic myth coupled with Spader’s rich, immersive writing style create an utterly readable narrative. The action is nonstop, . . Gerwulf, in particular, is a remarkably complex character, and his world is both magical and visceral.” … Read More

-- Blueink Review

Surprises lurking behind every tree . . .

“. . . Spader has created a realm that feels just uncharted enough for surprises to be lurking behind every tree.”
Read More

-- Kirkus Reviews

Book Two of the Wulfhedinn Series

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Author, R.N.

Catherine is a first-generation American raised on the history and lore of medieval Germany. At age 11, she saw the skull reliquary of Charlemagne and became enthralled with the era. Spader feeds her inner Wulfhedinn by playing ice hockey and prowling wild forests and historic sites.

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  1. C.A. Hartman
    | Reply

    Look forward to reading about Gerwulf’s next set of adventures!

  2. Richard Jagodzinski
    | Reply

    Which way will he go: wild and free with the Raven or save his soul and gain the Kingdom of Heaven? Can’t wait but will have to for Return of the Wulfhedinn.

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