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Book Two

782 AD. A holy war rages to conquer the heart of Europe and the soul of a wolf warrior.

Christians bargain with the devil to ensure their domination. Pagans invoke ancient powers to defend their freedom. Between them stands Gerwulf, bastard son of a Christian woman and the formidable leader of the heathen resistance. Gerwulf wears the Christian cross, but his blood boils with his father’s savage wolf spirit. He is Wulfhedinn.

King Karl, the legendary Charlemagne, needs the Wulfhedinn to conquer the fearsome pagan Saxons. Surviving near-fatal wounds inflicted by the heathens, Gerwulf has broken free of Vala, their mystical shield maiden, the powerful Walkyrie. He returns to the king with crucial knowledge of the rebels’ tactics.

Gerwulf is poised to become a hero of the new Christian order—if he can conquer the raging beast within and the beguiling Vala who haunts his soul.

Editorial Reviews for Return of the Wulfhedinn

“ … a highly engaging read. The fusion of medieval fiction and Germanic myth coupled with Spader’s rich, immersive writing style creates an utterly readable narrative. The action is nonstop, and the main characters are fully described and believable. Gerwulf, in particular, is a remarkably complex character, and his world is both magical and visceral.

Finally, the thematic depth of this series is subtle but profound, examining not only the relationship between religious belief and war but also the consequences of intolerance, ignorance, and fear.”

—BlueInk Review (Starred Review)


“Spader’s world of eighth-century Germany is distinctive and a lot of fun, with the fantastic elements playing a supporting role to the historical one … Spader has created a realm that feels just uncharted enough for surprises to be lurking behind every tree. Fans of Feast of the Raven should enjoy this new chapter in the Gerwulf saga.

An enjoyable historical fantasy with a conflicted hero."

Kirkus Reviews