Trade Reviews ~ Feast of the Raven

Superbly written . . .

“Superbly written and impeccably edited….Spader is unquestionably a talented writer: Her writing style is fluid and at times lyrical, her description of northern Germany meticulous and fully immersive, and her knowledge of folklore extensive.

But it’s her characters that make this novel so readable. Interesting and emotionally compelling, they are certain to resonate with readers.”

-- BlueInk Review

Gerwulf frets convincingly over his soul . . .

-- Publisher's Weekly

A compelling start to a historical fantasy series

“(Feast of the Raven) …strikes an appealing balance between historical fiction, sword and sorcery, and a noirish detective story, with quick pacing and just enough world building to lend weight to the plot.

Sequels are planned, and they are welcome: the reader should be eager to see what other secrets Spader’s vast medieval forests might yield. A compelling start to a historical fantasy series about a troubled warrior seeking redemption.”

-- Kirkus Reviews 


Trade Reviews ~ Return of the Wulfhedinn

Surprises lurking behind every tree . . .

“As in the previous volume, Spader’s world of eighth-century Germany is distinctive and a lot of fun, with the fantastic elements playing a supporting role to the historical ones.

. . . Spader has created a realm that feels just uncharted enough for surprises to be lurking behind every tree. Fans of Feast of the Raven should enjoy this new chapter in the Gerwulf saga. An enjoyable historical fantasy with a conflicted hero.”

-- Kirkus Reviews

A highly engaging read . . .

“. . . a  highly  engaging read.  The  fusion  of  medieval  fiction  and  Germanic  myth  coupled  with  Spader’s  rich,  immersive  writing  style  create  an  utterly  readable  narrative.  The  action  is  nonstop, . .

Gerwulf, in  particular, is  a  remarkably  complex  character, and  his world  is  both  magical  and  visceral.  . . . examining  not  only  the  relationship  between  religious  belief  and  war  but  also  the  consequences  of  intolerance,  ignorance,  and  fear.”

-- Blueink Review



Catherine Spader

Catherine is a first-generation American raised on the history and lore of medieval Germany.

At age 11, she saw the skull reliquary of Charlemagne and became enthralled with the era.

Spader feeds her inner Wulfhedinn by playing ice hockey and prowling wild forests and historic sites.