Totally sucked me in!

“I was immediately sucked into the story-line and historical details. The author’s writing is rich in description and does a nice job bringing the smells and scenes alive. You can’t help but be drawn to the odd characters and complex circumstances.”

Fight For Your Soul

“At once lyrical and visceral, taut and epic, Feast of the Raven captivates. A wonderful first novel from a very promising new author.”

Can’t wait for the sequel!

“When I read the last page of the new historical novel Feast of the Raven by Catherine Spader, I wanted to immediately begin the sequel. …. Spader’s well-crafted characters and fast-paced writing pulled me into the story of Gerwulf, a ‘half-wolf, half- human creature’.”

An enthralling battle over progress and the hearts of men!

“Spader captures both the time period and her characters with vibrant details. I was transported. I felt the thrill of the hunt, the fear of the unknown, and the sharp desires of Gerwulf every step of the way.”

Damn good book! Not to be missed!

“It’s abundantly clear almost immediately that the author is passionate about her subject matter. The scenery is vivid and real, the historical period evocative and compelling. Yet while the story is meticulously researched, it’s not dry or didactic. It’s dynamic, real. . . . I can’t wait for book 2!”


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