An enthralling battle over progress and the hearts of men!

“First off: You should read this book. Do it.

Here’s why: Spader captures both the time period and her characters with vibrant details. I was transported. I felt the thrill of the hunt, the fear of the unknown, and the sharp desires of Gerwulf every step of the way. Even in his unique situation, it was easy to empathize with him. His conflict between his sense of self and the changing world is an intimately familiar struggle. Spader’s strong historical knowledge brings the landscape and the people to life.

The details are familiar and approachable, yet strangely educational. As well versed as I am with history and mythology, I constantly discovered new depths. Feast of the Raven is an intriguing and enthralling adventure into the past, a time before we lost our sense of the mystic forces in the world. A time when gods fought over the hearts of mankind.

Again: read this book. Whether you are a fan of history, fantasy, or just a solid story, it is worth your time. My only complaint is that the ending leaves me wanting the next book right away.”