Can’t wait for the sequel!

“When I read the last page of the new historical novel Feast of the Raven by Catherine Spader, I wanted to immediately begin the sequel. I don’t usually read historical fiction, let alone one about Germanic mythology. But Spader’s well-crafted characters and fast-paced writing pulled me into the story of Gerwulf, a half-wolf, half- human creature.

The story is driven by Gerwulf’s conflict over whether he should give into his brutal wolf compulsions or to cast them out and embrace human Christianity. He is assisted in this journey by Brother Pyttel, a less than honorable monk with access to King Karl, the Christian King.

This is Spader’s debut novel but you can tell by her writing that she is no novice. Her sentences and paragraphs flow because her writing is clean and descriptive and not cluttered with superfluous words.

Unfortunately, I may have to wait a bit to read the sequel. Spader is just beginning the next chapter in Gerwulf’s tale. Please hurry Catherine!”