Damn good book! Not to be missed!

“It’s abundantly clear almost immediately that the author is passionate about her subject matter. The scenery is vivid and real, the historical period evocative and compelling. Yet while the story is meticulously researched, it’s not dry or didactic. It’s dynamic, real.

The lead character, Gerwulf, is stunningly written. I’m a 21st century woman, and yet I *feel* his soul-searching anguish, wanting to know who his is, where he comes from, what his path in life should be, despite the twelve-hundred year gap. We all have that longing to belong, and at the same time to be uniquely ourselves.

There is just the right touch of shamanistic magic to leave the reader wondering how much was “abra cadabra” and how much is psychological superstition of a time when Christianity was fighting for supremacy over the “pagan” gods of Northern Europe.

While short, this book contains epic struggles: of societies — the so-called civilized Franks against the barbarian Saxons — of religions, of man against man, and of man against nature. And not just in the sense of man against the world around him. The story’s greatest struggle is the man against his own nature, his own inner demons, and his own identity. I can’t wait for book 2!”